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Cookie Statement

This is the Cookie Statement of PHU DriversPlus (“DriversPlus ”). Here we will explain in what way cookies and similar techniques are used via the website drivers.plus.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer, smartphone or another device when you visit our website or app. Cookies help us let the website function, analyze it and personalize it. Cookies remember details of your previous visit to the website or App so that the website works better and will show information that is more relevant to you.

We use so-called first party cookies (own cookies of DriversPlus) and third-party cookies (cookies of external parties). If we use software and/or tools of external parties, we have a processors agreement with these parties.

Some cookies become active or read information through the visit to the website, other cookies only become active once you are on a certain web page. This happens through ‘tracking pixels’ or ‘web beacons’. We also use link-tracking. With link-tracking certain elements are added to an URL, so that we can recognize you if you click the link to the website in the newsletter.

Cookies do not grant us access to your computer, smartphone or another device and will not give us access to other information than that which you are giving permission for. Via your web browser you can alter the settings to refuse cookies. It is possible that our website will not function optimally anymore.

2. Type Cookies?

DriversPlus makes use of the following type of cookies (and similar techniques):

  • Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary to provide the services you require. The information that is collected via these cookies, is not used for marketing purposes.

  • Analytical cookies

These cookies keep track of statistics and analyze the use of the website and App and provide an overview of this information, so that the quality and/or the effectiveness of the website and App can be improved. Because the privacy impact of analytical cookies is very limited, you do not have to give permission for this in all cases.

  • Marketing and tracking cookies

These are cookies that are used to record your surfing behavior, so that we (or third parties) can provide you with offers based on this and can show you contents that are relevant to you. We do not just do this via the website, but also via advertisements that are shown. If tracking cookies are not used, this does not mean you will not see any advertisements. The advertisements will just no longer be tailored to your personal preferences and interests.

  • Social media plugins

The contents you view on the website, can be shared on social media through buttons. For this, cookies of the social media parties are used, so that these can recognize you when you want to share something.

Cookies that are placed have a duration. At the end of the duration, the cookies are automatically removed. Some cookies are only active during one website visit (session cookies), others have a longer duration.

At the end of this Cookie Statement you will find a complete overview of all the cookies that we use. This includes the type of cookie, who has placed it, what the function of the cookie is and what the duration of the cookie is.

3. Permission for and removal of cookies

You can always revoke your permission by removing all the cookies in your browser and/or set the browser in such a way that it blocks third party cookies or all cookies. Blocking or removing cookies may mean that certain parts of the website and/or App will not work (optimally). It is also possible that if you remove all cookies, so-called “do not track” or “opt out” cookies will be removed, so that you will be asked for permission again.

4. Privacy Statement

The information gathered through cookies or in another way can contain personal information, such as your IP address. In any case this applies if you accept tracking cookies. Our Privacy Statement applies to this way of processing personal information.

5. Changes

This Cookie Statement can be changed. If this Cookie Statement or the placed cookies change, we will adjust the policy and the list of placed cookies.

6. Questions

If you still have questions about this Cookie Statement you can send an email to [email protected].

Last edited on 20 July 2019.