Trouble connecting to hotspot

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Trouble connecting to hotspot

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Yesterday I noticed a problem on my pc and more particularly on my internet connection. I am connected by Ethernet to my pc and fiber (500 Mbits), and I used to share my internet connection to my phone and my laptop since my box is far from my room and I pick up badly.
But since yesterday I have a new problem when I turn on the "mobile hotspot" feature to do a tethering on my phone and I try to connect to a website it says "this site is inaccessible" (Opera browser) same for google chrome and video games (I'm not 100% sure for video games).
And when I turn off the portable hotspot everything works fine again.

I tested a lot of things like going to see the firewall tested if I have no problem connecting in command prompt with the "ping" command by sending a request to a website and everything works fine. I updated my network card drivers, reset network settings and it still doesn't work.
If anyone could have the solution and could help me I would greatly appreciate it.
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